Healthy Snack Box Recipes
Cream Cheese Filled Celery Sticks
Wash and rinse celery. Cut celery into bite size pieces. Slice celery in half (as per image). Fill centre with your favourite flavoured or plain cream cheese. 

Apple_and_carrot_bran_muffinsApple and Banana Bran Muffins
Buy any mix of Bran Muffins, follow mixing instructions. Add to the mixture half cup of grated carrots and half a cup of grated apples. You can also add raisins, nuts and dates. 

Egg,_cheese_and_tuna_muffinsEgg, Cheese and Tuna Muffins
Combine 2 whisked eggs, 1 cup of grated cheese, 1 tin shredded Tune, 1 quater cup fresh milk, salt and whisk together. Pour equal parts of mixture into greased muffin tins. Bake in oven at 180 for +- 20 min or until egg is cooked. You can also add bacon, tomato, green pepper according to child preferences. 

Fresh_fruit_kebabsFresh Fruit Kebabs
Cube fresh fruit of your choice (apple, grapes, strawberry, pineapple, watermelon, spanspek, mango) and slide onto kebab stick. Remember to cut off the sharp edges of the stick. Refridgerate until ready to pack. 

Ham,_cheese_and_tomato_kebabsHam, Cheese and Tomato Kebabs
Add equal parts of cubed cheese, folded ham of your choice and washed baby tomatoes onto kebab. Cut off sharp edges. Wrap in cling wrap and refridgerate until ready to pack. 

Honey_Glazed_Baby_CarrotsHoney Glazed Baby Carrots
Boil peeled baby carrots in water for +- 15 minutes. Strain and fry in one tablespoon honey until carrots are soft and fully coated with honey. Allow to cool before serving.