What to pack, what to pack!!! A Mom's daily struggle.
Standing in the kitchen, exhausted from a long day at work, rushing home to cook, get kids bathed, tidy up the scattered toys from the night before and then of course the dreaded, tedious task of packing a "healthy" lunch for creche or school the next day...... because doing it the night before gives you that extra 15 minutes sleep time in the morning!!! 
We are so often tempted to throw in the first thing we see when we open the grocery cupboard - chips, cupcakes, maybe a chocolate bar because you've had no time to do some shopping!!! 
That's why Baby Snack Box is the PERFECT solution! Allow us to give you SIMPLE, QUICK, EASY,  AFFORDABLE and best of all HEALTHY snack ideas, for your precious one in creche or even primary school. 

Simply subscribe to our website for ONLY R30 a month - thats all it costs!!! We will send you 3 free recipes on a monthly basis,a free printable weekly snack planner, helpful monthly news letter on topics all about food, day to day illnesses and allergies in children and as an added bonus, you can send any health and diet related questions to our registered Dietitian and she will assist as best as she can.